buick roadmaster

50 olds rocket gettin’ chopped

some progress photos from mitch ‘the butcher’ goin’ to town on a 50 oldsmobile rocket – more to come!  want your rod chopped or channeled, contact us

54 chevy – from stock to chopped & bagged

check out the process of going from stock to chopped, channeled and bagged.    check out the series of blogs for even more ♠ 54 CHEVY UPDATES ♠ CHEVY TOP CHOP ♠ CHEVY CHASSIS  
102 custom motorcycle frame


got some tube, making some very general mock ups. threw a fender i had laying around on it and snapped some shots of the progress.

1965 T120c Triumph Chopper

1965 T120C Triumph custom hardtail built by Rolling Idols. email for more details or to arrange a viewing. Asking Price: $11,500


the frame was cut from 3/8 flat stock steel then carefully grinded to shape on the jig, getting ready to add neck tube. making sure everything is aligned properly. jigging the frame rails up to prevent twisting while welding. Fitting the bottom section. a basic mock up of the frame...
honda CB

the Tommy Gun Special 20s style boardtracker

“Tommy Gun Special” Honda CB Boardtracker project soon to come: Custom front end, custom frame, custom tanks, and everything else.
honda CB hardtail

honda CB hardtail and 4 inch stretch

factory frame. establishing a basic idea of ride height and wheel base. getting a basic look. set up part of the Jig to ensure the bike is square and tracks true. nice fitment. Fully TIG welded. Looking to get your frame this badass?? email me.


this little chopped and channeled T is a customer of my shops. Unfortunately he fell upon some medical bills and has to sell, so were looking for someone that wants a super deal to buy into this car and have it finnished in house.already set up for small block chevy...

model T deck lid fix up