1939 Knucklehead Transmission

Posted on Feb 23, 2017 In Agent Mayhem blog For Sale Parts & Accessories

Type 2 1939 KNUCKLEHEAD Transmission


This transmission HAD BEEN SITTING ON A SHELF IN A WORKSHOP FOR OVER 30 YEARS until I scooped it up at an estate sale.  The last bike it was in was a full custom, no messing around, gooseneck chopper circa early 1970’s.  

Due to polishing of the cases, the casting date is no longer readable on the case.  However, the transmission ID number was preserved, along with the fact that it does not have a vent boss cast into the transmission case, so this is a 1939 transmission.  

The kickstart cover is from an early Panhead and kickstart pedal are the only things INCORRECT on this trans.  The kickstart arm is correct.  It had also been sitting with oil it, so the inside has been preserved and it shifts through all the gears.  There have been no repairs or welds to cases.   Being a barn find (or technically a ‘workshop’ find) it has been checked out to ensure all the internals are in order.  

The transmission mount plate is included as seen in the pics.  It also comes with the clutch and inner primary cover, as pictured as well.