rad 32 ford truck

Posted on Oct 26, 2012 In Mitch aka 'The Butcher'
pauls 32 ford truck.
lots more to come on this bitchen pickup.
everything in primer is what i have replaced because of rot.
i replaced the vent in the cowl.
the window channel was rotted before i got my hands on it.
this ebay score is where the cowl patches came from.
it really saved a lot of time for this section of the cab.
seamless weld seam. ice cold.
both ends of the visor were gone. this is the corner i fabricated.
you can also see that i have cut out the drip rail, or what was left of that section.
some drip rail sections i fabricated next to the old ones.
the actual drip rail sits just below rolled line.
i like my gaps tight, pickin up what im layin down
shot of the whole project. lots more to come on this one!

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