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Survivor Knucklehead Gooseneck Chopper Frame

    Knucklehead Gooseneck survivor chopper frame This chopper was originally built in the late 1960’s, then it was disassembled in the mid ’70’s to get repainted.  The project was never completed and the frame, motor, trans, springer fork and the rest of the parts sat in the back of a...

Fury Twisted Springer

Fury twisted springer from the early '70s.

1965 T120c Triumph Chopper

1965 T120C Triumph custom hardtail built by Rolling Idols. email for more details or to arrange a viewing. Asking Price: $11,500


the frame was cut from 3/8 flat stock steel then carefully grinded to shape on the jig, getting ready to add neck tube. making sure everything is aligned properly. jigging the frame rails up to prevent twisting while welding. Fitting the bottom section. a basic mock up of the frame...
honda CB hardtail

honda CB hardtail and 4 inch stretch

factory frame. establishing a basic idea of ride height and wheel base. getting a basic look. set up part of the Jig to ensure the bike is square and tracks true. nice fitment. Fully TIG welded. Looking to get your frame this badass?? email me.

springer front end and chopper mill

hand built, one off springer front end and handle bars.   since i built this front end i have beat the hell out of it and it stands up to anything i can put it though.  are you looking for a killer cusotm front end, something that will stand out...