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1965 T120c Triumph Chopper

1965 T120C Triumph custom hardtail built by Rolling Idols. email for more details or to arrange a viewing. Asking Price: $11,500

32 ford door skin fixer upper hella more better

some lines i laid

e mail if you want some super custom pinstripes.

32 ford truck update

after blast this hack chop was revealed, along with tons of rot. swiss. this looks like a turd covered in burnt hair smells. remove the problem area. get diabolical. a finely crafted patch. this entire window frame/channel was pretty gone. getting the fit and placement just right. i hope. most...

54 chevy updates

mocked up, this thing is gonna be awesome. shaved gas filler door, patched lower rear quarter. patched door skin patched door skin patched lower rear quarter. all new trunk floor section.

rad 32 ford truck

pauls 32 ford truck. lots more to come on this bitchen pickup. everything in primer is what i have replaced because of rot. i replaced the vent in the cowl. the window channel was rotted before i got my hands on it. this ebay score is where the cowl patches...