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Survivor Knucklehead Gooseneck Chopper Frame

    Knucklehead Gooseneck survivor chopper frame This chopper was originally built in the late 1960’s, then it was disassembled in the mid ’70’s to get repainted.  The project was never completed and the frame, motor, trans, springer fork and the rest of the parts sat in the back of a...

1939 Knucklehead Transmission

Type 2 1939 KNUCKLEHEAD Transmission   This transmission HAD BEEN SITTING ON A SHELF IN A WORKSHOP FOR OVER 30 YEARS until I scooped it up at an estate sale.  The last bike it was in was a full custom, no messing around, gooseneck chopper circa early 1970’s.   Due to...

Fury Twisted Springer

Fury twisted springer from the early '70s.