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this little chopped and channeled T is a customer of my shops. Unfortunately he fell upon some medical bills and has to sell, so were looking for someone that wants a super deal to buy into this car and have it finnished in house.already set up for small block chevy...

model T deck lid fix up

a couple of the new things going on around the shop

1976 Honda CB custom bobber project. Model T deck lid came to me just how you see it, needs a little help. Preview. 60s custom survivor, bad ass royal enfield, a sprucing up along with some new custom touches comming soon. These projects and more, including one off custom bags...

32 ford door skin fixer upper hella more better

32 ford pick up door skins

1934 ford

34 ford parts and pieces

34 ford ill be doing bits and pieces on. fabricated inner door trim piece next to factory new piece, both sides were made new from scratch. like a glove. this grill is in rough shape, plating is peeling off and the uprights are not so straight. straight and ready to...

some lines i laid

e mail if you want some super custom pinstripes.

even more 32 ford pickup!

the dash the customer wants to use does not fit.  no problem here. firewall has hole for steering column, but needs something to add a finnished look. much cleaner overall look. im not sure why, but the shop that had this truck before me must have thought this was a...

32 ford truck update

after blast this hack chop was revealed, along with tons of rot. swiss. this looks like a turd covered in burnt hair smells. remove the problem area. get diabolical. a finely crafted patch. this entire window frame/channel was pretty gone. getting the fit and placement just right. i hope. most...